Recording Studio Design & Construction




Understanding design and experience in CAD drawing means we can visualise our ideas, and bring your’s to life.

We can audition various plans for your space long before work commences, and illustrate details and alterations once your project is under way.

We can work not just the studio space, but the supporting areas, kitchens, bathrooms, receptions and relaxation areas, fully functioning offices, everything the modern studio complex requires.

With twenty years of Recording Studio Construction behind us, we’re an experienced team.

Wether you require a build from the ground up, conversion of an existing space, or minor works such as acoustic treatment or furniture build, we can build anything your studio complex might need.



Feel free to call us for a chat, or drop us a line about your project.

Wether it’s your dream to build your studio yourself and you need a little advice, or you require guidance and expertise as part of a bigger project.

We’re always happy to talk.